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Who Are Proforce Games?

Proforce Games is a British company based in Cardiff, Wales and specializes in designing and creating games and animations.

The company was established in September 2003 by four students, all of which had a good imagination for game and animation design. So after a lot of hard work and imagination Proforce Games was created.

For the first few months after its creation Proforce Games was a very low profile company, But in December Proforce Games decided to become more widely known. As the local school was the main source of viewers Proforce Games concentrated its new awareness program on the students at the schools needs.

It was brought to the attention of the company through numerous emails and messages that all games sites in school had been blocked, and that they could not play games in school anymore. So Proforce Games decided to add the best games from sites across the internet to a special section on their site called “Online Games”.

The new online games were a great success as the site was now getting hundreds of visitors every day. Because of the amount of visitors viewing the site it was decided to update the site so that it was faster to load and easier to use.

The site was then updated to its new version in March of 2004. The new version of the site was a greater success than the previous version. Boosting the number of daily visitors dramatically.

In September 2004 the site was updated again to its current version. Using advances coding techniques. Making it easier to update the sites content. This change was primarily undertaken on behalf of the Administrators, who were getting tired of spending hours a week updating the site. Also it was done to allow integration with the Forum and adding a user registration. Making the site more secure.

All through these changes Proforce Games have continued to make games and animations, all of which have been added to the site.

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