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Welcome to the News page, here you will find all of the latest news.

Website Moved Servers

Proforce Games has currently just moved servers to a new hosting company.This new company should enable faster access to the site.The Team

New Website

Welcome to our new, improved, top of the range, amazing new site.

We are fully aware that this is the third time we have updated our site, but it is constantly being updated to a new improved version which is easier for you the customers to use aswell as us administrators.

The new features of this site are as follows:

New improved GUI (Graphical User Interface)
Intergration with official Forum
Registered Users System, Letting registered user access special parts of the site
New improved Downloads system
New Guestbook feature

Thanks for all your comments.

The Team

Online Games/Downloads Fix

As you are all probably well aware,
To play our Online Games and to download from the Downloads section you needed to be a member.

This was causing a few problems with people who had really bad computers and people who would not accept cookies from our site.

Because of this we have removed the need to be a member in order to play the Online Games and use the Downloads.

Hope this will be of advantage for you,
The Team

New Games Added

20 new Online Games were added to this site on the 29th of October,

These Games include:
> Bandit Bites (Smile)
> Nev It Up (Smile)
> Tardis Tennis (BBC)
> Blast Billiards
> Trick Blast Billiards
> Stickman Olympics
> Helicopter
> Donkey Kong
> Snipers
> Jizz
> Missile Strike
> Scope Assault
> Balloon Duel
> Hexxagon

And Our Games:
> Gun The Git
> Smack The Rabbit
> Punch The Monkey
> Amoebas
> Maze
> DJ Mixer

Hope you enjoy them,
The Team

Little Fighters 2

Proforce Games has added a new feature to the website,

The Little Fighters 2 section.

Little Fighters 2 is a fast pace Beat-em-up style game. that can be played online, or against computers.

If you would like to download the Little Fighter 2 game, just visit the Little Fighters 2 section, and click downloads.
its free...

In the Little Fighters 2 section there is:
>Character Profiles
>Image Gallery

For more information click the "Little Fighters 2" link on the menu bar.

The Team

Adverts and Sponsors

Recently you may have noticed that there are current loads of adverts on our website.

This is for the simple reason that it supports us.

So please have a heart and click on them. Even if only once.

The Team

Website Style Rework

As you may have noticed the Proforce Games website has now got a new skin to it.

The new skin is only temporary until we can finish delevoping the new amazing skin.

The Team

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