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Punch The Monkey
- You are are in a boxing ring with a monkey had have to punch his lights out, Just look at his cheeky grin!

- Your fighter craft has been shrunk to microscopic size and is trapped inside a drop of water. The microbes within are now deadly opponents. Shoot at, and avoid colliding with, the paramecium and enemy amoeba. You will gain a bonus life for every 3000 points scored.

- You have to navigate around the maze to the other side, but beware your computer controlled opponent is travelling the opposite way trying to beat you to the exit.

DJ Mixer
- You have to mix you own tunes on our advances DJ Mixer unit.

Splat The Rabbit
- You have to smack all the rabbits with a giant hammer until they are all dead, a very entertaining game.

Gun The Git
- This is a random game where you have to shoot the git in the face to kill him.

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